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Are you eager to get to know the team behind gravity-bonanza.org? You’d be pleased to learn that here at GreenLeads, we have successfully combined our boundless enthusiasm for casino games with a critical mindset. Thus, our diverse team is able to apply its various skills and competencies to find the best casinos and bonuses out there. You can count on us to always discover and suggest the best deals available in a range of established, trustworthy online casinos. Learn more about us and how the magic happens below!

Our Story

Our team unites a collective of otherwise very different individuals. Some of us had our humble beginnings in marketing, while others were in game and software development. Our key experts even worked at brick-and-mortar casinos around the globe before joining our team. 

But despite our differences, we all have one thing in common: our burning passion for games, especially casino ones. We absolutely adore the thrill of not knowing what awaits you on your next turn and the sudden rush of dopamine when you score a winning combo!

Nevertheless, we’re aware that players might face a series of challenges when they gamble. That’s why we decided to join forces and develop a platform that can help bettors have a safe and enjoyable time. We bring you the best games, best casinos, and best offers available so that you can easily make the most optimal choice. With our recommendations, the fun is always guaranteed!

Values and Goals

company vision

The core belief of our team is that anyone anywhere should be free to enjoy a high-quality gambling experience without falling prey to hostile, scammy companies. 

It’s an unfortunate truth that illegitimate casinos do exist. They hide in almost every corner of the gambling pocket of the internet, waiting for unsuspecting players to trust them with their money. And thanks to their use of expert marketing strategies, it’s usually very difficult for newbie gamblers to spot the scam on time.

We want gambling to stay fun and exciting for everyone. That’s why untrustworthy companies who routinely cheat and disappoint their customers have no place on our platform. 

Instead, we have partnered up with some of the world’s leading online casinos, which you can see as recommended on this website. We’ve made our choice based on a long set of essential criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Reputation among players;
  • Overwhelmingly positive, unbiased user reviews;
  • Sufficient proof that the casino routinely pays out player winnings without hitches;
  • A wide availability of payment methods for each player’s comfort;
  • A sturdy portfolio of top-rated casino games by popular and respected developers;
  • Valid credentials to offer gambling services, as proven by publicly shared information about the casino’s licence and certifications.

Thanks to our partnerships with such high-quality online casinos, we aim to offer our customers a safer shortcut to websites or apps where they can gamble worry-free. Moreover, our partners also routinely provide us with exclusive bonus offers to share with our clients. You can claim all of them for free right away on our Offers page.

The GreenLeads Team

GreenLeads remains dedicated to improving the betting experiences of gamblers worldwide. We achieve this by picking the most rewarding and enjoyable games out there and pairing them with well-established, licenced casinos and top-notch bonus offers. For us, that’s the trifecta of gambling fun: an excellent game, trustworthy casinos, and a juicy bonus to kick things off the right way!

It takes a lot of creative energy and love for the online casino world to make all of this happen. That’s why we’re so proud we have incredible people at the helm who know how to lead and keep their sights on our goals as a company. 

Meet the experts who help set the tone at GreenLeads and inspire us to forge ahead with our mission!

Michael Rose

Michael Rose


Michael really loves games. His favourite kind – the ones where he can come out richer than he started! He’s always been passionate about winning, and he takes his gambling very seriously. There’s no better man to ask about the latest slots in development, the best RTP and bets to choose, and how to keep your cool, whether you’re winning or losing. What’s more, he’s tried it all and can tell a good casino from a bad one in a heartbeat!

Judy Haynes

Judy Haynes


Judy doesn’t play when it comes to matters of the coin. Or rather, she plays – to win! She’s been in and out of most Las Vegas casinos, and even worked at some of them before joining our team. Judy knows the ins and outs of the industry, both as a player and as a casino representative. Her reviews always take both points of view into consideration, resulting in the thorough evaluation of each casino that comes to her attention.

Corporate Culture & Environment

There are two things you need to know about our company culture. Firstly, just because we mean business doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. Secondly, we take care of our own, in and outside of work.

What does this mean? Well, first we have ensured that the time our staff spends in the office is fulfilling without being overly stressful. Our employees can freely roam around the office to kickstart the brainstorming process or stretch it out with a quick desk yoga sesh. (And for those who need it, there is a dedicated workout space in the building for more in-depth routines to help you shake off that desk fatigue.)

But aside from keeping this fresh and fun on the daily, we also care that the GreenLeads family feels supported and encouraged every step of the way. We regularly have guest lectures or webinars available free of charge for employees to help them hone their competencies. What’s more, staff eager to pick up new skills can also pick courses and additional training they wish to do, which we always support.

In addition, we try to be helpful by providing extended health insurance coverage and flexible parental leave plans. Parent employees can also work from home when they have to balance work and childcare. 

Ultimately, we want everyone part of our team to find joy in their work, follow their dreams, and feel properly encouraged in their endeavours. We want to continue growing together!

Get in Touch

If you wish to grow with us or are just curious about the latest developments with our company, we encourage you to follow us on our official socials! Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly via our Contact page.

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